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A place for owners of the JGAurora 3D printers to share knowledge, collaborate on ideas, and help each other to get the most out of our 3D printers.

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  • 3D Print Lounge
    Come and share your amazing print creations, review filaments you've tried, or ask for advice on improving your prints!
    RSS Feed 18 discussions 105 comments Most recent: Gcode for pausing by Samuel Pinches on February 1
  • General Discussion
    Just joined the JGAurora forum? Welcome – come say hello! 😃 Forum feedback always welcomed too.
    RSS Feed 34 discussions 148 comments Most recent: Anyone care to help? JG Magic by Stephen Todd on February 19
  • JGAurora A5S & A1
    Released in the middle of 2018, the A5S and A1 feature an entirely new 32-bit motherboard. While less modifiable, these printers have better print quality compared to the A5, while keeping the same huge print volume.
    155 discussions 961 comments
  • JGAurora A5 & A3S
    Released Nov 2017, the A5 and A3S are excellent reliable low-cost printers, that can be upgraded and modified to an amazing degree. The A5 has a print volume of a 300mm cube , while the A3S features a print volume of a 200mm cube.
    532 discussions 3.6K comments
  • JGMaker Magic
    In the budget printer category, the JGMaker is a great easy-to-use beginner printer delivering excellent print quality at an affordable price. Released early 2019.
    RSS Feed 12 discussions 62 comments Most recent: Direct drive JgMaker Magic by Samuel Pinches on February 19
  • JGAurora A5X
    What would happen if the JGAurora A5 and a Creality CR-10 had a child? Released in early 2018, the JGAurora A5X fills that void, with an aluminium extrusion frame, and a separate electronics control box.
    RSS Feed 10 discussions 46 comments Most recent: Backup Firmware for A5X? How to add Bl Touch? by Samuel Pinches on February 19
  • JGAurora Z-603S
    Released in late 2014, the Z-603S has undergone numerous revisions over time. Today, the Z-603S is a reliable workhorse 3D printer delivering excellent print quality both quickly and reliably.
    7 discussions 15 comments
  • JGAurora A3
    Discontinued. A budget i3 style printer with a direct drive head, and a sturdy metal frame.
    8 discussions 30 comments
  • JGAurora A4 & A4S
    Both easy-to-use, and ready-to-go out of the box, the A4 and A4S are perfect for schools and print farms.
    3 discussions 3 comments
  • JGAurora A7, E7, A8, A8S, A9
    A forum for commercial and industrial JGAurora 3D printer users, including the JGAurora A7, E7, A8, A8S, and A9 3D printers.
    2 discussions 26 comments
  • JGAurora Other Models
    Have a different JGAurora printer model?
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