Seller provided USB cable started melting!

On 2020-01-16 08:08 contacted tech support about the USB cable and not being able to connect to my computer.  To Jgaurora “ Hello I went to use Octoprint for starting & stopping my A5s 3d printer. Used the USB cable supplied with my purchase. It appears to have messed with my computer ( which restored) and now with a new and different USB cable I cannot link to my Computer through Octoprint nor or a IP address. I installed the Windows 10 CH340G drivers. Was directed by tech to look at my Device Manage. I run JMRI and it shows up in Ports. Not the printer, used the JMRI USB cable and hooked up to my computer (W10). It does not show up at all.
Now Jgaurora tech is saying it is my machine and not their USB cable that fried the board. 
2020-1-25 Now they are alluding to my computer being at fault. 
Please advise as I really enjoy this printer over the CR-10.


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    Can you explain when or how the "cable started melting" mentioned in the title, please?

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    Of course!
     There was a clear blue USB cable included in the shipping box. It took a few weeks before I could address using the USB to operate Octoprint from my computer, mainly to turn off and monitor the print from my living room. I plugged the cable into the port on the right side of the A5s and into one of the USB's on my computer, as I finished the connection the printer end of the USB  commenced to smoke and the touch screen went blank. Unplugged immediately, powered the printer off. Looked over at my computer monitor and it was black. It took me two days to restore my computer to a previous state and reinstall Quikbooks, Office Pro, JMRI, Sketcfhup. I regrettably threw the cable away on my way out of my train room. Gratefully Amazon has been courteous enough to replace the unit, because the rep for Jgaurora, sure has been no help. Have almost all correspondences from her @ Jgaurora.
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    Thank for the details. I bought my A5S used/damaged and found it had suffered some kind of similar failure. The components and traces on the circuit board directly behind the USB connector burned up. I did some minor repairs to the board to restore the lost circuits only to find more complex issues next in queue. I ended up scrapping the original controller - see A5S Hybrid in Modifications forum.
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    You are more adventurous than I. Been jinxed with voltage all my life. Have a Pro Mini I would like to convert to a CNC router machine, just no good with the coding.
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