Using Cura for slice. When I do the post mods for pausing to insert MAGNETS

I've used M0 and M1 both will pause the print and put the head at the coordinates but after 2 seconds it comes back out,  I've add the s36000 and nothing.  If I add g28 x y  It get off by 5mm.
Ive been able to do this on other printers.  Is there something in the hardware the doesn;t recognize gcode or is a horrible translator.

Getting frustrated with a good printer,


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    Another cheat you could do is add in some extra move commands - like
    G0 X0 Y280 F1200
    G0 X250 Y280 F250

    This will move to X=0, Y =280mm, and then move to X=250mm, Y=280mm. The feed rate is 250mm/min, so this will take 1 minute to complete this slow move. You could add in extra commands to refine this (e.g. purge extrude a little after the 1 min etc), but that's the general idea.

    Alternatively, if you install the custom firmware ( you get access to all the normal pause / resume commands, since the custom firmware has a standard marlin gcode interpreter.
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    The custom firmware did the trick.  I added M17 to lock the steppers but 18 little magnets started jumping out before the glue cured and it must have timed out the M17 code and I moved the build plate so when it started again it wasn’t lined up.  I will put in a G28  X Y after the M109 and I should be ready to roll. 
    The custom firmware is great but seems like it would love a knob dial like a CR10. 

    Just picked up a cheap ($40) Pi 3+ and 7” Pi touchscreen with stand.  Octopi coming to a printer near me! 

    Thanks again for your response. 

    Summary: factory firmware has cool icons but not very versatile for custom codes.  Custom firmware way better (Thanks) but needs a Knob Dial but still way better than the factory. 
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