Gcode for pausing

I have an A5S that prints fine and I’m trying to pause and embed some magnets.  I have done it on other printers with success.  I’m using the latest Cura slicer and I have tried all three pause at height and layer settings.  The printer will pause and stick its tongue out.  I also put the M17 code in to keep steppers engaged.  The problem I’m having is that the printer only pauses for about 3 seconds and then resumes the print.  I have put in code M0 S360 and M1 S360 and it does the same thing goes to the park place waits a few seconds and then gives me the bird and goes back to finish the print.  I have pressed the pause button when it starts again and it goes off to the side but I want better access to the print for embedding magnets.  
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