Lost cable

I bought Jgaurora A1 from my friend, but he lost a cable which is conecting z axis and extruder(middle socket).
Could you tell me the name of this plugin.
 I will be grateful if you could help me.


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    Took me a while to work out that you need two cables - can't imagine there being a cable connecting the Z motor and Extruder motor

    You could buy two pre wired JST plugged cables, or buy loose JST plugs and wire them up yourself if you can solder

    Looking at the controller board photo, they are simple 4 pin JST sockets - but I don't know what the other end looks like, as I do not have A5s or A1 printers which use the new type controller board

    Details of the controller board pinouts for A5s and A1 controller board:

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  • Stephen ToddStephen Todd Posts: 281🌟 Super Member 🌟
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