Blank LCD display A5S

Hello do anybody have a solution or seen this issue before, or is it to order a new display (where to buy?)
- happens  at power up 
- see attached picture 
- running community marlin software 
thanks in advance for any help


  • Stephen ToddStephen Todd Posts: 83🌟 Super Member 🌟
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    You've got the backlight but no video information

    It could be the LCD itself I suppose, but I'd examine the cable - not familiar with these new style JGAurora printers, so don't know where the display originates - on the A5, it was the LCD board itself

    If not the cable, I'd be looking for dry solder joints on the display board or an overheating/burnt component

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  • SilviuSilviu Posts: 2Member

    I just got this issue. I have turned on the printer and i got white screen. Everything was ok before turning off.
    No weird smell, or smoke from inside.

    I'm using latest stock firmware.
    No communication with Cura oj JGcreat via USB.
    Pronterface doesn't connect anymore. (all drivers are installed accordingly ,and worked till yesterday) 
    I have tried to re-flash the firmware, but without success. Doesn't change from this step. :|

    Does anyone have an idea, what can be the problem?
    Can I do something, beside asking JGAurora for official support.

    Thank you for your time and support!!!

  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,281Administrator
    I think for this problem you need to contact JGAurora. Sounds like a faulty motherboard.
  • SilviuSilviu Posts: 2Member
    Hi Samuel, 

    Thank you for your fast feedback. I wrote them an email, together with some pictures and video link. I hope they will support, keeping in consideration that printer is less than 4 months old.

    Have a nice day! 
  • Stephen ToddStephen Todd Posts: 83🌟 Super Member 🌟
    The primary suspect is the cable

    I've not seen the back of the screen, so don't know if there is a reset button

    It could also be the screen, or controller board gone faulty - not much info on these new printers yet
  • madsenmadsen Posts: 3Member
    Thanks Todd, Will take it apart this week and let all know the result of findings 
    - Silivus, pleas let my know what feedback your are getting from factory...also not sure but is it a A5s or A5 different system motherboard and display 

  • madsenmadsen Posts: 3Member
    Ok did take the base apart, could not see any loose connection or any burned components on the display  or at the main board. So I decided to flash the maline software again, from the blank display. Waited 30 minutes and restarted - booting again and worked :) - did som test it seems like it cannot save changed settings I.e “config” PLA temp change from 205 to 200 save setting and restart and it was back to original 205 deg - indicate that it can not save to rom on board - so I guess my mesh-bed parameters, will not be saved and the main board has failed.
    any input is welcome 
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,281Administrator
    @madsen - wow! Ok, on the custom firmware, the settings are saved to the SD card, not to the flash memory.
  • Stephen ToddStephen Todd Posts: 83🌟 Super Member 🌟
    I did consider main board failure, as white screen on Ender 3 is usually a mainboard failure - but no info on A5s mainboard and TFT screen anywhere on Internet at present

    The A1 has the same board and display, and I almost bought one - but there is a saying, "never buy version 1 of anything", so I held off - will not be buying one now

    I hope you get a free replacement controller board, if not I'd consider swapping out the controller board and display to something known to be reliable or cheap to replace, as JGAurora charge 2x the price of equivalent boards and screens

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