Direct drive JgMaker Magic

Does anyone have a STL file or fusion for or even cad file for that x-axis mount assembly?

Im currently enroute to just making my printer a direct drive bondtech setup. 

Im tired assembling and disassembling the printer head and im too lazy to disassemble the whole thing


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,580Administrator
    Welcome @Euzziel Eclarinal - sorry, I haven't seen anyone do that yet... why not be the first to create the solution? :smiley:

  • Euzziel EclarinalEuzziel Eclarinal Posts: 8Member
    Already installed direct drive bondtech with 1in bowden due to that gantry notch on top of jgmaker magic. 
    Had to cut the model in half then glue it together for adjustment. Still on the process of creating a shorter path from bondtech to hot end.

    Btw, how do you decrease current on stepper using marlin?
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,580Administrator
    The default motherboard does not allow the motor current to be tuned. Do you mean changing Motor steps per mm?
  • Euzziel EclarinalEuzziel Eclarinal Posts: 8Member
    Since i went from bowden setup to direct drive, i changed the motor to a smaller one. Having supply load the same as the big one, the smaller one heats up much hotter.

    So there's no other way to control the current via marlin program? 

    I installed huge heatsink on the back of stepoer motor but its too heavy causing problems on the z axis
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,580Administrator
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    Unfortunately, there is no easy way. It is possible - there will be a resistor on the motherboard that is used to set the VREF into the E axis stepper driver, if you replace this resistor (or add another in parallel) it would change the VREF setting.

    Otherwise, you would need to replace the motherboard (e.g. MKS Gen L, or MKS SGen L)
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  • Euzziel EclarinalEuzziel Eclarinal Posts: 8Member
    I was thinking of replacing that resistor but its too much effort for me, too lazy to desolder and test anything at this point.

    Here's the update so far:
    -0.004 accuracy on prints
    -no blobs, coasting disabled since it causes blank spots on my walls
    -stringing almost not noticeable at 190deg speed:90 can go up to 150 with small ghosting
    -also, prints are accurate since i enabled linear advance

    Printing new replacement for bondtech holder since im still not happy with it
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