6 pin heat bed

I’m hoping for some advice...please!
i ordered a new heat bed with cables as mine (on my A5) has not worked for ages. The new one has 6 cables rather than 4 which I understand is an improvement but.... where do the extra wires go?! I definitely don’t have a thorough understanding of all things printer- I just look at it based on ‘heat comes from this terminal, thermistor goes to this terminal’!
By adding two more wires into the mix, although I get they kind of ‘spreading the load’, I’m  worried about what I do at the internal end...!
I hope that makes sense! 
Thanks in advance 


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    Without knowing the bed you ordered, I'd say it is a dual voltage bed like in the photo, i.e. can be wired for 12v or 24v by removing and re-positioning the thick wires

    It should really be screen printed or have an instruction leaflet, otherwise you will have to use a resistance meter on the ++ -- conections and use the + and - with the high resistance readings (12v terminals will be half the reading of the 24v terminals)

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    @NicolaGibson ; The 6 wires are simply for increased current handling. The main power wires are doubled up, put both wires of the same colour into the same connection. You can double check with a multimeter - there should be contiuity (zero ohms) resistance between the power wires of the same colour. Feel free to post a photo of the bed connection.

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