Y is going crazy

i have no idea (pic) ... please help :)


  • JayCJayC Posts: 3Member
    I had much of the same problem - when I was in cura, I found that if I set the first layer print speed to low (10 or 15), then the rest of the print speed to 60 it would do that consistently.

    I updated the community firmware, and since I rarely (though not never) have that issue.

    I found that when I do, I put down a raft at twice the height of the first layer, then have the raft print slow.  Sometimes the higher layers are shifted, but always shifted on where the raft was so that it no longer messes up the print.  90% of the time, that is.
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    Something is wrong with the x-axis. You may like to check the wiki for some potential causes, and suggested solutions: 
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