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MKS PWC V2.0 auto off after printing end with A5

coolt5coolt5 Posts: 38🌟 Super Member 🌟
hi everyone
i get a MKS PWC V2.0 and i mange to make it work with my A5. after so many trying & field in 4 days
and i can see that a lot of users had some problem so i will make my experience available for any one how need it.

so the wiring diagram

 this for an old mks bord and tft but it will be the same pins

 on the MKS GEN L bord use pin D6  and TFT use pin B4

To achieve the function that it will shutoff when finishing printing, in addition to the essential  MKS PWC hardware, we also need to modify the main board and touch screen firmware.

in Marlin:
1. On the pin__Ramps.h, define the pin via ("#define PS_ON_PIN=6")    I define 6 as D6
2. On the configuration.h set ("#define POWER_SUPPLY = 2")
3. Enable the auto off function on the TFT configuration
#enable auto off after print finish function (no:0; Yes:1)

As Author: AETEK explain in his mood  (https://jgaurorawiki.com/a5/programmable-power-supply-control)
and thanks to him he made the change in updating the TFT to have the power switch off in the screen and you can download it from his link (https://jgaurorawiki.com/_media/a5/aetek/20180714-02_aetek_jgaurora_a5_custom_lcd_firmware_v3.02.zip)

 also you can add this in ending gcode 

M81 - Power Off
Turn off the main power supply. This also shut down the electronics.
Usage: M81
Attention! This command immediately turns off the A5 without waiting for the hot end to cool down.

M85 - Inactivity Shutdown
Use this command to set a maximum period of time for the machine to be inactive (without moves). If the machine is idle for longer than the set period, the firmware will shut everything down and halt the machine.
Usage: M85 S<seconds>
Example: Turn off the A5 after 30 minutes without moving axles
M85 S1800

M109 - Wait for Hotend Temperature
This command sets the hot end temperature and waits for the target temperature to be reached before proceeding. If the temperature is set with R then M109 will also wait for the temperature to go down.
Usage: M109 R<temp>
Example: Wait for a Hot End temperature of 45°C
M109 R45

i hope this will help someone .

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