Help for newbies with magic printer

emkosloskiemkosloski Posts: 1Member
We put our new printer together,turned it on,and tried to autohome. We get a message saying “autohome failed. Reset printer.” Can’t get any further! Turned in and off several times. Checked connections. Seems like all the axes move smoothly manually. What do we need to do? Completely and totally new to 3D printers! We need instructions for a 9-yr old!


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,580Administrator
    Welcome @emkosloski !
    Did anything move when you pressed auto home? The printer moves each axis (x, y, z) until it detects that the endstops (switches at the end of each axis) have been pressed. If it moves for a long time, and does not detect a switch has been pressed, it assumes something is wrong. Can you describe what happens when you auto home. Does one of the axis move and then crash and make a loud noise? Maybe check the switch on that axis and make sure the plugs on the side are inserted firmly.

    P.S I've just moved your post into the JGmaker magic section.

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