A5S with Lerdge X board

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So... after original board failure, I was curious how A5S perform with other boards.
I had MKS, Trigorilla and Lerdge X at hand. I have chosen least used Lerdge X.
It is small and very powerful 32 bit board with only one but big problem - proprietary firmware, which is famous with his own bugs.
So it is as it is and you can not change anything.
But anyway, I wanted to see can I find some use of it with a5s.
After connections adjustment, this is how it looks inside:

I have combined it with A4988 drivers and must have adapter and heatbed mosfet. Without adapter and mosfet - no heat on heatbed.
After a lot of "pain" to configure it, it turned out there is a bug in autoleveling (of course...).
Fortunately, Lerdge had updated the firmware with bug fixes, where is autoleveling sorted.
Finally after successful firmware update, printer z axis adjustment and autoleveling, here is first test print, where I had modelled 100 x 100 x 0.3 model in Fusion.

Only problem is display , it is bigger than a5s display and it doesn't fit in the place, so it is just temporary  "pulled out".
But it is really eye candy display.

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    Nice work!
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    Thank you !
    Interesting findings:
    A4988 were very loud on Anycubics Trigorilla board (they came with it), even with minimal Vcore.
    A5984 on JG A5s board are pretty loud too, but A4988 with Lerge are surprisingly quiet. Especially after original jg board, where I tough x axis has some mechanical problem, it was so rough in movements.
    After successful test print, here is the first "real" print:

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    I have forgot to post pic with assembled display casing.
    Very surprised and satisfied with performance and results so far.
    I have made bunch of prints, some very heavy for print like this on pic, 6mm width and 260 mm high wall. On pic is already fourth wall print.

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