A3S resetting when heating up bed and extruder..

If there is a discussion on this than I apologize and would appreciate a link. Just bought this online and right off the bat it keeps resetting. It will stay on just fine until I start hearing it up. Specifically the bed I believe. Is it trolling a sensor somehow? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’d love to get this up and going!!


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    If there is a short circuit, the power supply will shutdown to prevent damage. Could be a faulty motherboard, or faulty wiring. Because it is brand new I would recommend to contact JGAurora for support first.

    If it's used, let us know and we can step you through troubleshooting.

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    It could be a faulty power supply unit, but more likely a short circuit to ground in the wiring of the printer

    If you can print by setting the slicer settings to heated bed OFF, then the problem is with the heated bed - possibly the wiring or plug connector shorting to ground

    The temperature sensing is very basic - a simple voltage divider circuit giving the processor analog sensing pins a variable voltage, which is interpreted by the processor as a temperature - but you have not said the reported temperatures are wrong (idle at room temperature) so not likely to be that

    You can test the power supply by disconnecting it from the printer and putting an external load on it such as a mains 60 watt old style fillament lamp connected to the 24v output terminals - if it can maintain 24v output when under load without cycling, the PSU is OK

    Other than that, its a matter of using a resistance/continuity meter to find where the wiring is shorting to ground

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    Most switch mode power supplies nowadays have no mains voltage settings switch, as they auto-adjust for mains voltage - but it is worth checking yours does not have the mains setting switch, and if it does, that it is set to your country's mains voltage
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    A video on testing power supplies under load - as we have 24v supplies, the current will be double shown in this video of a 12v supply

    You can use filament lamps instead of the power resistors shown in the video - there are online calculators such as:

    We know the voltage is 24v, and you can measure the lamp resistance with a multi-meter, and we only need those two values to calculate the current in amps

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