Covid Face Shield > gcode optimized for jgmaker magic

LeonLeon Posts: 4Member
Hello guys, 

im printing some Face Shields design can be finde here:

i get some good results with petg 1,75 filiament. But i cant optimize the printtime. I always get about 4:00 hours to print 1 headband..

here is my gcode for the headband.. maybe its too hot with 230°C cause it produce some "hairs" but i think the result is good but way to SLOW.. 
Im using JGgreat 2.5.0 and tryed some changes in print/movespeed infill etc. but ill always get the same time.

Can u check the gcode- file or share a good and fast profile for Petg low res (0.25-0.3mm)?

thx Leon


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    Hi @Leon - welcome. Sorry for the trouble you had posting, your post was getting auto-flagged as spam.

    You can try 0.24mm layers, I would not go thicker than that. You could try a thicker nozzle?

    You can also find a different design - some people have created remix of this design. With retraction, and acceleration, the little holes at the back of the mask design make it slow it down a lot!
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