Having issues printing - new to JG Maker, but not to 3d printing

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I've used the Ultimaker 2+ and other 3d printers, including Delta printers.

I purchased this printer to have my kids help print ear savers, but we cannot get it to print correctly. We had it delivered a week ago and I thought maybe I had configured something incorrectly (and maybe I have) - but there are behaviors I'm not seeing when I watch other print videos.

For instance, when I try to print, the extruder starts off to the side of the bed but does not get the filament onto the bed before the bed starts moving back and forth - the filament stops extruding as well when it's supposed to be printing. The problem is, the extruder moves across the bed steadily and isnt moving in the shapes we've chosen. (Alien xenomorph eggs for my son :smile: ) Link to stl: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3199419

I am a bit sad that this is not quite as advertised. I am willing to work on it and make changes as needed, I just need guidance and I don't know what to offer you. Thanks!!

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    Welcome @ccurry

    Sounds like possibly a slicer issue. Can you please share a photo or video of the printer starting to print? I suspect this is a simple issue, maybe something like seen on https://jgaurorawiki.com/printing-coordinates.

    I think we need a few more details to be able to diagnose. Cheers.

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    Hi Sam - Thanks a ton!!

    Okay. I put together a short video. I hope it is what you say and I'll check settings to see.

    I stopped the video after about 20 seconds because it just continues to do the same thing until it gets to the other side. it does not extrude even though the ABS is set to heat at 235. In the video I used the sample file. I've tried that file as well as the xenomorph file and both behave in the same fashion.

    If the video isn't long enough, I can do another.

    I did check to see if the Machine Center box was checked, It is not.

    Again - thanks.

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    Whoa, that's weird. Something major wrong with the X axis there. Try this: choose the reset to factory defaults settings in the firmware. Then choose the option to save the settings. Then try to print again.
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    Your right railing is too high off from atop the stop, or your bed isn't leveled. 

    It is extruding, you can see the filament getting longer. 

    Make sure all your nuts are firmly tightened as well, as I had a hell of a time. The screws under the bed were loose, and since they were loose my bed never stayed level. 

    Unplug your machine, take off all the bottom knobs, take out your bottom bed and tighten the 8mm (?) nuts to the bed and the screws (both of them) put the bed back down, tighten the knobs back up, and adjust your Z-stop. That should go a fair way to fixing the issue. 
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    I 2nd the load firmware defaults. Homing the Z-axis seems to be moving really too slow. And the X-axis movement seems to either be skipping steps, or the steps per mm are completely wrong which loading the defaults will fix.
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