Machine spits out filament!

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    I just received my JGMaker Magic.  This is my first attempt at 3D printing.  When I try to print all the machine does is load the filament, purge a small amount and then remove the filament and ask me to load it again.  It just keeps repeating this process.  Any suggestions?
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    Welcome @repentandbsaved - I've split this into its own thread for your issue to keep things clear. Can you please provide a bit more info:

    • Have you tried printing the included sample print file? Did that work?
    • What slicer are you using?
    • Can you please upload your gcode file here.
    • Please try to reset the EEPROM saved settings: load the default settings in the menu, and then save those changes back to eeprom
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    Make sure your filament sensor plug is fully seated. It sounds like it's loose, or possibly not working. 

    If the sensor isn't working you can short the plug (wire between the plug pins) to fool the machine to thinking the sensor isn't open, unless there's a problem with the board.  Also make sure the plug on the board is fully seated. 
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