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Hello all, I was wondering if someone could help me with a problem I am having. I recently purchased the JG Maker Magic and am finding that so far the biggest issue is its inability to properly cool my prints. I am curious to know if anyone has changed or mounted an additional fan for cooling. If so, would you be so kind as to help me. Thanks

(Here's an example)


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    Welcome @Nickstats - I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions, but I hope someone else might have some advice. What print speeds are we talking? Have you tried to slow down the outer print skin printing speed? Is the fan duct pointing at the part correctly?
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    I have the A3s V1 and found the 30mm part cooling fan was pathetic - so I printed many different cooling ducts from thingiverse - normal, circular, half-moon but most would not fit due to lack of space between the moving block and the printer metalwork - very little space and ducts would crash into metalwork

    I ended up combining different prints intended for different printers into a front mounted 40mm fan and long duct that is now the main cooling - the existing rear cooling is supplimentary and now powers a 3 direction duct - so I now have 4 direction cooling

    I think you will find it is an interesting/frustrating process of trial and error cobbling something together that fits, and blows on the part, and not on the hot end/nozzle

    If you have room on your printer, I'd go with a radial fan, as they are far more efficient than axial fans - and you can then use a "scorpion" style fan duct - if I had the room to fit it, I'd have gone with something like this:

  • NickstatsNickstats Posts: 11Member
    Hey guys, thanks for responding.

    Samuel - I was printing at 50 mm/s, with my outer layers printing at 35 mm/s. The fan duct is the original one that came with the printer. From what I can see, it just blows air in the general direction of the print. 

    Stephen - Thanks for the suggestion. However, the Jgmaker Magic has a circuit board on the hotend that the components connect to. It also has the X switch on it. Therefore, I cannot remove it without having to do some serious re-engineering. I am not very good with modeling software, so im not too sure how i could redesign a part like you suggested in order to suit my needs. 

    (Here are some pictures of the whole assembly)
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    Looking at the photos, its a similar situation as I faced with A3s - I mounted an additional fan and duct onto the heat break block from the front - in your case it would have to be the metal fan casing from the front

    I did not design anything myself - just printed out various part cooling stuff from thingiverse and mixed and matched parts into something that I could mount on the printer and get to blow on the part

    I ended up with something similar to this - but with more linkage parts to get it to position correctly

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  • CrasoumCrasoum Posts: 23Member Is something I made. It won't go from awful to awesome as it's only a marginal improvement since you are still using the stock fan. Give it a shot and tell me if it works for ya. 
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    Hey Crasoum, funny that you mention that part, I just installed it the other day and I seems to have made things slightly better. I just ordered a 5015 fan so hopefully I can find a way to rig that up without too much modification 
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    I'm happy with slightly better, means it's not slightly worse. 

    One of these days I'll figure something out for the 5015, but I usually use ABS, and don't need as much cooling. 
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