BIGTREETECH SKR-mini-E3  1.2 in an A5S and firmware

Hey Everyone. 

I have finally started to get the quality I was looking for from my A5S. But it took a lot of upgrades to get it there. 

My next upgrade is the main board and screen.  Due to the usb port deciding to stop working. The new board being the BIGTREETECH SKR-mini-E3  1.2 with 2209 drivers. I have this installed on my cr10 and think it's a great little board.  I'm not a lover of the touchscreen so will replace that too. 

So my question is, has anyone done this already ? is the original A5S firmware based around marlin ? 

At this point, i'm running the community firmware, which does seem a little noisier than the factory firmware. so looking at building the latest version of marlin with the factory settings. so after the original jerk, and acceleration settings.  any help would be appreciated 


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    If you flash the factory firmware you can send gcode M503 to get it to spit out the factory firmware settings. Likewise, you're welcome to tweak and chance the acceleration and jerk settings on the factory firmware using EEPROM settings, rather than needing to build a whole new firmware. If you do want to build a new firmware, I have a thread linked about the process over on the firmware download page.

    Original A5S firmware is technically based around marlin - but for more details, check out my blog posts here:

    I haven't played around with SKR boards yet so I can't advise anything on that side.

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    Hi, @Samuel Pinches
     sorry for the late reply.  And thanks for your detailed reply.

    I did not think of the M503 idea, so may give that one a go. I do have the software already setup for the SKR boards, including bed levelling etc for my cr10. I was going to use the same firmware, it will only need a few tweaks.  bed size, build height. and a few should not be to hard., Ive had to order the parts from china, so being delivered by snail mail.  will update you when i get the parts.  

    another quick question. does anyone know what is behind  the front screen cover - with " elegant outlook " written on it.
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