JGAurora A5-A5S - Linear rail X - MGN12H - FINISHED

Good morning,
Here is the publishing  of the MGN12H rail for the X axis V1.0:


This modification is for installing a linear guide on the X axis.

3mf print files and STEP files are included to be able to modify the parts and customize them.

There are two versions of the carriage, one without BL-Touch and one with BL-Touch. The accompanying guide shows the distances to position in Marlin:

X: -19mm

Y: -46mm

The first and important step is to replace the Z limit seat so you can adjust the height freely.

It includes a list of materials, some of which are reusable from the X-axis such as t8_trapezoidal_nuts and screws and X-axis switch screws.

Installation Guide is included.


Linear Guide:

            1 x MGN12H - 400mm


            2 x M2x8mm

            4 x M3x5mm

            2 x M3x8mm (BL-Touch version)

            6 x M3x10mm

            6 x M3x18mm

            4 x M3x20mm

            1 x M5x20mm


            8 x M3 ( 10uds. BL-Touch version)


  • jsanchjsanch Posts: 11Member
    After a few days working the printer, I found these improvements.

    The improvements I've noticed are two basically:

     The first and obvious is the improvement in extrusion control thanks to the direct system. I'm using retractions between 0.6 and 0.8mm. 
    The second is to have a belt tensioner. My A5 was one of the first and it was a pain to tighten the strap and the vibrations and artifacts it created. 

    The worst thing I think would be the loss of impression volume space staying at 270x285x260mm. In my case I do not make such large pieces but I recognize that it is a loss that must be valued.
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    You forgot one improvement:
    Looks awesome :smiley:
  • jsanchjsanch Posts: 11Member
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    The next Project is to improve the Y axis.

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