ABS preheats to 235/110 but then returns to PLA temps

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When I select preheat ABS the printer heats to the set temps of 235/110 for abs and will stay there until I select the print from the sd card and the print starts then the numbers drop down to the PLA temps of 200/60.  Any idea why this might be happening?
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    Hey Andrew, I would say this issue is most likely a result of your settings in your slicer. While you may have the printer preheating to the ABS setting, as soon as the printer begins it will default to what ever you selected in the slicer. I would go into your slicer and under the temperature settings, change them to your desired settings. Hope this helps!
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    Welcome @andrew99 !
    @nickstats is 100% correct. The printing temperatures to use are stored in the GCODE file, which is determined by your slicer profile and the materials you have selected in there. You can either go back and re-slice it, or you can open up the file and look for all of the lines (there are multiple) that involve setting temperatures, and change those there.
    I want to add one more thing - the printer can't keep up with 110C. You'll get errors (either occasionally, or consistently) if you try. 105C is the max most of these printers can reach and maintain stably.

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    Ok thanks guys, that helps a lot to understand this.  really appreciate it!
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