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droopydroopy Posts: 2Member
I cannot get my bed level.When i get one corner to the right height then go to next corner it throws the first corner way off.I have made several rounds to all corners and it will not even get close to being level.Bought a glass bed hoping that would help and it seems worse.Please help.Getting ready to ship this thing back to amazon for a different one.


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,597Administrator
    Welcome @droopy
    The following suggestions may seem crazy, but I suggest you try them:

    Unscrew and remove (or just loosen a lot) one of the 4 bed levelling wheels. Use the other 3 only to level the bed. See how you go with that. Any flat surface only needs three points to be held flat, with 4 it is possible to create a non-flat surface, like a pringle.

    Second, please also watch my review on youtube and see the modification I made to mine to remove the left side wheel assembly. Again, it sounds crazy but I recommend you try it too. I found this helps significantly with Z axis repeatability. (skip to 17min 40 sec and watch the rest from here)

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