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Does the Magic allow for bed probing and or auto bed leveling upgrades? Is there a list of upgrades that the Magic doesn’t allow?

Also, I keep getting a missed layer at the SAME exact layer every single test cube I print. EVERY SINGLE time. I’ve researched and adjusted every setting I know of. I know I’m missing something. I’ve seen a ton of videos that say a direct exctrusion drive will fix this... from the videos and info that I’ve read, I’m not entirely convinced. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Thank you all.


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    Oh and... is there a dual hot end upgrade?
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    Hi @PrintBig - there is no possibility to add a levelling probe with the stock JGMaker magic motherboard. The motherboard needs to be replaced if you want to do that. This is because the stock motherboard does not have any expansion ports or extra features that are not already used. Again, dual extrusion is not possible on this printer without significant modification. I do not recommend the Magic as a platform for upgrades - it is better to use it, to help you make your next dream 3D printer, like a hypercube or voron perhaps :smiley:

    Regarding the layer shift, I don't think a direct drive will fix it. There's a couple of reasons why layer shifts may occur, such as the nozzle catching on the print at some point. Maybe you can watch it while it prints and try to video the problem?

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    @Samuel Pinches "Hi @PrintBig - there is no possibility to add a levelling probe with the stock JGMaker magic motherboard. The motherboard needs to be replaced if you want to do that" this is incorrect! adding a probe physically is simply a matter of removing the current Z axis switch and replacing it with the probe! however the issue now becomes a matter of the firmware! is the printer set up to handle auto bed leveling? likely not, so you will have to flash new firmware to accommodate this new feature.
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    Sorry @trip - you are correct. However, most people are referring to a bl-touch, which also requires a servo port that the motherboard lacks. If you mount a z-stop on the extruder, then yes, that would work. However, it would be a manual deploy/retract sensor. A good custom firmware is on the wiki, provided by DaHai. You could use that if you wanted to experiment with bed levelling sensors.
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    @Samuel Pinches ..... I use an inductive sensor with no problems, no need to use the BL touch for auto leveling, the inductive sensor uses the same plugin port as the Z axis micro switch so there are no mods required on the board, just an update on the firmware side.
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    Yep, I am aware of inductive sensors. Are you using that on the stock heated bed? How do you find the accuracy when you change bed temperatures?
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    Would be great if you could post your setup on here sometime! Always great to see what kinds of things people have done, and it would be great to inspire others too.
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    yup, stock heat bed, although each printer is set up for one type of filament so no changes once setup is complete.
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    Thank you @trip and @Samuel Pinches. I was sitting at my printer staring at it (am an engineer) gears grinding and turning over converting the zstop into a bed leveler. It’s genius really.

    @trip the inductive lever does it use an inductive strip for calibration? Or is there some other hardware voodoo goin on?

    I believe my next printer will have some sort of auto/semiauto leveling system. I’m convinced, as with anything, if used correctly it could be a life/time saving tool. I’ve only had my printer a few months and I’m still not entirely confident with my abilities lol lots of self doubt and it all stems from the bed.

    Dual extrude is also next on my shopping list.

    thank you all for you comments and feedback.

    Please keep this thread going. I enjoy hearing people’s solutions.
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     Teaching Tech on YouTube replicated the inductive  level from the CR-6 for the Ender 3, you could consider something like that as a basis.
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