Build plate after tightning

After replacing the nozzles  at least 20 times over the year I've had the a5s. I noticed there was a wobble and the screw that holds the heating Mount and the nozzle. So I tightened it by rotating the screw one more rotation so it was tight now my heat bed won't reach the nozzle without the screws popping out. I've tried everything I can think of the screws are already thin enough. 

     My question is can I adjust the screw somehow to meet the build plate so I can tighten it down better without it wobbling.

Or maybe I should have just my Z stop to compensate is there a way to do that I would rather a manual adjustment than a software


  • mclambglasdmclambglasd Posts: 3Member
    Solve my problem took the whole heater had a part under the screw from the heat sink found out there's a little bit of melted plastic separating the nozzle in the threads cleaned it out tighten everything up now it's perfect
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,585Administrator
    Welcome @mclambglasd !
    Yes, you can also adjust the position of the Z endstop - you can loosen the two screws on the supporting white block, and move up or down slightly. Glad you solved it :smiley:
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