print pop off plate during resume on A5

Hi folks, I wonder if anyone has a solution to my issue? When I try to resume print after a power failure the existing print model just seems to pop off the plate making any further printing or layer impossible. Anyone have any ideas how to secure the print so I can continue? would glue or masking tape be bad for the plate surface? thanks for your help


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    Its a core design flaw, there is no easy solution. When parts heat or cool, they expand or contract. This is called thermal expansion. This is the reason that parts pop off the bed so easily when they cool down. Glue may work, but it requires a lot of force to hold down the part. And then when you want to pull the part off... its very hard to remove the part!! 
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    One suggestion, if you did not move the part, just heat up the bed to 70-80 °C and press a bit on it.

    Then you can start to print, it worked for me 2 times..., but in any case you need luck
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    hmmm...kinda invalidates the whole power resume function then. I'll try glue and re-heating and see how I get on. I might try securing the raft with strips of suitable strong tape to see if that works too. I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks for the assist follks.
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    conducted a few experiments and this is a simple and effective solution. Might be useful to folks uncomfortable leaving printers running unattended at night for safety reasons too.
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