Z Offset to fit 4mm Glass Bed


I have problems printing and i figure that it is due to the bed not being level. Not just a normal level the corners problem, but the bed itself bends. I can get around it by adding clamps to the side and printing within 5cm of the clamps, but that is quite useless as I need to reliably print in the centre also.

One idea I have is to use a glass bed which would not bend as much. The bed is 4mm thick, and to make it fit I would need to increase the Z home offset by a few mm  (I can't just tighten the screws enough to take the bed low enough as they don't have enough screw). 

I thought this would be a simple case of  AUTOHOME -> MOVE AXIS -> MOVE Z -4mm -> SET HOME OFFSETS. After this sequence I thought that "auto home" would take me to this newly defined home.

But it does not work. Everytime I start a print the extruder moves all the way to the old home position (directly in the bottom corner) which, if I put the glass bed on, would cause problems.

Does anyone know either:

- how to stop the printer from going all the way to this old home?
- how to make it think that the newly defined home is where to go in autohome?
- another way to keep the bed flat???

Thanks for any advice!


  • Euzziel EclarinalEuzziel Eclarinal Posts: 15Member
    You're using the stock print bed? Itll bend no matter what. 
    I used glass bed before. It was great, its just that its an added weight to move and my goal is to print fast. 
    So i scratched the glass bed, went to just blue tape and that aluminum heat bed. Much better result. Just be careful no to tear the bluetape when extracting the print. 
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  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,691Administrator
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    @JamesMcc_Design - you can just loosen the screws on the z-endstop switch (above the z motor) and raise it up slightly and retighten there. That will force the nozzle to home to a higher point.
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  • JamesMcc_DesignJamesMcc_Design Posts: 6Member
    Thanks for both replies!

    I might consider getting tape and going directly on the bed.. the glass bed works but takes a lot of effort to get a good first layer - A lot of glue and usually a few attempts. Also yes I think the printer may be struggling a little with the weight, it is making more noise and sounds a bit clunky.

    I did raise the stop switch in the end, maybe I misunderstood the z offset, but I thought it would be possible to set that directly on the printer - but it does make sense that it must go all the way down before setting the offset.

  • FunInAlaskaFunInAlaska Posts: 18Member
    I recently upgraded to a glass bed. I just moved the Z stop up about 5mm. This was to print directly on the glass. My glass is 4mm thick but I wanted to add a little more adjustment room since my bed leveling screws were VERY close to the frame so an additional mm of adjustment to have those screws a little further from the metal frame
  • y2kats65y2kats65 Posts: 9Member
    i also played around with glass bed.  I like it.  It is relative easy to remove the finish print off the bed.  However, I found even with the adjustment of the Z stop switch, the bed does not glide smoothly on the Y axis.  Worry that this may be straining the stepping motor,  I am now back onto the original bed and the bed glides smoothly.
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