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This may be an uneducated question and I apologize if it is.
What material is the removable bed made of?
I don't mean the sticker I mean the translucent off white stuff under the sticker?
There were also a couple small pieces of it used as packing material in my box.


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    I'm pretty sure it is Polyetherimide (PEI) but I could be wrong
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    I think that is PCB material - epoxy fiberglass sheet. FR4 or FR5 probably
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  • FunInAlaskaFunInAlaska Posts: 18Member
    Well on a whim, I flipped it over and tried printing on it like you would PEI according to videos I saw on Youtube.
    I cleaned it very well first with soap and water then with rubbing alcohol. Printed at 60C bed temp and I must say it printed beautifully. Better bed adhesion than I have had with the bed surface as intended and easier removal after the bed cooled off.
    I think I may have found a new option for myself for printing surface. I do have glass on the way cause I'd like to try that as well.

    So I am not sure if it IS PEI however it can be used as though it is.
  • FunInAlaskaFunInAlaska Posts: 18Member
    Just an update. My glass arrived. WOW, Ok, I now love printing on glass. The only issue I have is if I am doing a very small quick print on glass you have to wait till the bed completely cools off otherwise there is no getting the model off the bed.  So it adds time, wait for it to cool off then wait for it to heat up again, but the reliability is wonderful. and I am not using any additives on top of the bed just a wipedown with alcohol before each print.
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     I use a straight-edge razor scraper, it is just enough to get the print to pop off.
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