Fan duct melt...

My A5 fan duct has melt a few months ago. I'd like to install a (spare)?) new one but I'm unable to print something clean without it...
Can anyone tell me where I can find this part? Or can anyone print one for me and I'll buy it? (I'm in France, could help to determine if it's relevant to print and send the piece).


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    Hi @delirii - can you please take a photo of which part you mean? The nozzle cooling duct?
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    I would try one out of PETG or ABS/ASA, both of those materials can be printed without a cooling fan, make sure you use supports though. No material likes to bridge without cooling.
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    @Samuel Pinches if I'm correct, it is this one:

    Mine was totally destroyed because it was melt and mixed with the piece I was printing... Nightmare...

    @Laser8302 I may give a try to print a new one but my previous attempts were not successful
    Which one should be a good compromise between efficiency and ease to print?

    And guys, sorry for the delay. I was quite long to reply.

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    Ok, good news: I was able to re print the fan duct.
    First, I've flashed my printer with the custom firmware (better quality), then I've tried to print slowly the piece.
    It worked!
    Now I can use the fan, for an even more increased quality.
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