Replacement y axis stepper motor issue


I would be really grateful for some help. My y stepper motor seized so I bought a new one and just directly exchanged it. It seems to work in the opposing direction as for as I can tell - when I 'home' it moves forward first so I have to cut the power as it hits the limit and keeps going (or tries to). I have looked at both motors and it appears that the original moves in the opposite direction to the new one if I just observe them and step the bed forward 10mm at a time. Please can you explain what I should do? The cable which comes with the motor is too short. The colors are different but the cables are fed into the same places, respectively if that makes sense....
Thank you in advance and very hopefully!



  • NicolaGibsonNicolaGibson Posts: 4Member
    Hello again...
    After further research, I discovered I could remove the pins from the connector and reverse the order which did the trick! Now printing happily!
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,691Administrator
    Yay! Nice job :-)
  • DervickDervick Posts: 4Member
    If I may ask NicolaGibson which wires/colors did you switch around?
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