New built X axis question

y2kats65y2kats65 Posts: 9Member
My X axis seems to have several dead spots when I move it along the axis. Can this be caused by the pulleys. Can I replace them with 625zz pulley (inner ring dia. 11mm outer ring dia. 24mm ID 5mm)? Thanks.


  • y2kats65y2kats65 Posts: 9Member
    Anyone has the dimension of the pulley used on all three axis?  Would like to install better pulleys.  Cannot find them on the Jgmaker web site.  Thanks.
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,791Administrator
    Try the same rollers as used on the Ender 3 and Cr-10. They will fit too. The rubber wheels can sometimes have dodgy flat/lumps from factory.
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