If I use Bedleveling the slicer tell me the need up to 4 times of time

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After I managed some issues with the under extrusion and  Bed leveling now I have the next issue.

I have 2 Printer setups in cura 4.6 - one with bed leveling one without.
the cura 4.6 slicer tells by a projekt without bed leveling :
1 hour 54 mins

and with bed leveling:
8 hours 31 mins

me a near 3 times higher time in the moment I have the G-Code M420 S1 in my start G-Code section.
here my G-code sectins:

Is this normal?

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  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,661Administrator
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    Hi @topoli
    I am confident that line is not the only difference between those two configurations. That command should not affect the estimated print time at all.
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    Does anyone ever really believe that print time?  It's Cura 4.6.  I thought optimistic print times on the A5S was a software feature >:)
  • giantrobot2001giantrobot2001 Posts: 94🌟 Super Member 🌟
    I would seriously save that gcode and print it just to watch what the heck it thinks it's gonna do for 8 1/2 hours
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