Printer keeps pausing for no reason...

My A5 lately has developed an problem: it keeps pausing at middle of the print (sometimes not even finished the 1st layer) and sounds a long beep every 5 seconds or so (for about a minute, then stops), as if the filament is out.  It resumes printing after I push the Resume (soft) button.  I checked the filament sensor switch every time it happened and could see the ball was still pressing onto the switch lever as it's supposed to. And sometimes this happened every few minutes, and I had to stop printing, for out of patience.  I don't know if something wrong with the filament sensor/switch, or something else.  Any idea?


  • ToToToTo Posts: 19Member
    Well, I found some info (a video from Dahai and previous comments from Samuel P) on fixing this issue, and I'll give it a try.  Hopefully it'd do it.
  • michalko99michalko99 Posts: 12Member
    it is filament runout sensor issue. On my A5 it is disconnected since first week of ownership. It started failing on first kilogram of filament
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