Z axis offset

OptavianOptavian Posts: 1Member
Hi. Im am new at 3d printing. I bought the JG Magic 2 weeks ago have messaged the suppliers and no answer. The z axis will not auto home. It goes to the position but remains 15 mm high it's not the stop switch that is at bed level, it just stops high and each subsequent press of A/H just raises the nozzle 10mm higher. If I unplug the z stop switch the nozzle would continue moving down. Have been looking all over the net for answers hope you guys can help.


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,791Administrator
    Try swapping the Z- and X axis switches plugs at the motherboard. I think your Z switch is possibly faulty?
  • giantrobot2001giantrobot2001 Posts: 103🌟 Super Member 🌟
    moving a wire at a certain point.  Like a loose plug that wobbles at that 15mm point.

    It seems unlikely it would hit that same point repeatedly without something mechanical effecting it (how does the print head know it's orientation without the stop?). I agree it sounds like a faulty Z-Limit Switch, but why fail at the same point?  Perhaps check all your connections and watch very closely what could be changing right at that moment.

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