Bridging Overrides In S3D

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APPLY BRIDGING SETTINGS TO PERIMETERS an override to apply bridging to perimeters.

Im having an issue with my bridging overrides in S3D, seemingly, not overriding. I have a video and pictures of my settings. In preview you can see that S3D recognizes the overrides (both outer perimeters and inner perimeters).

I apologize for the blurriness. this is a screen shot of the video I took but the file was too big/unsupported. So in the print pic, you can see that both perimeters printed at regular print/extrusion speeds and NOT the bridging speeds and settings as the override in S3D advertises. the middle bridges actually quite nicely. I've tried different .stl files and tweaking all settings I know of and approaching it in as many different angles I could think of.

Main question: WTF!!!!!! **banging head again hard wall**

I do know that S3D has had problems with that setting before the 4.1 update.

Please, any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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