JGCreat Magic throat?

dburumdburum Posts: 8Member
I'm interested in collecting a few spare parts for my Magic.  Can someone tell me how long the nozzle throat is?  I assume that it is an M6, but I don't want to have to take the hot end apart to measure the length.  Also, it seems as if nobody sells hollow, all metal throats like the Magic comes with.  But throats with teflon tubes built in are plentiful and cheap.  Will a throat with a teflon tube built in work for the Magic?  I don't see why not.


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    I'm pretty sure the magic does have a metal throat with teflon inside. The open end of the tube is at the nozzle end. So to answer your question --  yes, that should work fine. I'm sorry I don't have the part length for you. Might have to ask JGAurora for that one.
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