Not extruding in prints sliced with Cura, manual extrusion works

Hi All,

I am having some troubles with my A5 printer and hopefully someone here has a hint for me what could be the cause :smile:

When trying to print some file sliced with Cura 4.7 it will work for a very short time and then the printer will just not push out any more filament. The print head is continuing along its path but there is no or not enough filament coming out of the extruder.

I already cleaned the nozzle and when I manually extrude some filemant through the onscreen menu of the printer it works flawlessly, just not when doing a print.

As filament is coming out in principal I guess it is not a mechanical problem but could be caused by the slicer? Any help and ideas how I can troubleshoot this are very welcome.

Thank you in advance,


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,691Administrator
    Welcome @shukuyen ! First things first -- what are your print settings? Are you using the default settings using the A5 profile in Cura 4.7? What temperature and speed settings are you using? Best, Sam
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  • shukuyenshukuyen Posts: 2Member
    @Samuel Pinches thank you! I took the printer apart again and noticed that filament was stuck in the nozzle that should not be there. I replaced the teflon tube and now it appears to work. So it was a hardware issue after all, only my prints didn't produce enough pressure to get the filament out there while the printer's extrude function pushed hard enough.

    Thanks again for trying to help!
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