New parts for JGAurora A5

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Hello everyone,

i need to buy new parts for my printer because there are some things broken :neutral: 

It would be great if you can tell me if these are the right (spare) parts.

I wonder why i can only find 30mm heatbreakers on amazon. The original is 26mm long. Does the 30mm also fit?
And can i use any 24v 40W heater (20mm) for the printer?

Thanks :)

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    Welcome @tbchris112

    Unfortunately the first link is not the right parts - 30mm is too long. 26mm is best. Yes, you can adjust the height of the z-endstop, and the bed levelling screws to compensate, but I do not recommend it. Also, the nozzle there is also the wrong nozzle type. You want "E3D V6" style nozzles, not MK8 nozzles. Maybe try for those parts.

    The heater block should be ok - this is a V6 block. You may need to tweak the calibration because this is a different thermistor, but since the original is a 100K model too, then it should at least be very close without extra calibration.

    There is also no issue with a 24V 40W heater. :) However, the original is only 30W, so you may want to run a PID calibration (assuming you are running the community firmware) to maximise the thermal stability.


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