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Inductive sensor ABL - an easy guide for JGAurora A5S

AngryPeanutAngryPeanut Posts: 4Member
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Hi everyone!

I’m new to the forums. I just got the A5S and I wanted to use ABL on it but I really didn’t want to mess with any soldering on the board to install a BLtouch and I didn’t want to open up the printer. I decided use the same type of inductive sensor ABL that I use on my Ender 3. So after doing some research, I only found bits and pieces but no real walkthrough.  here is what I used and the steps I did:

what you need:
1. Spring steel sheet with a magnetic base.
2. Endstop cable - I had this left over from my ender 3:
3. An inductive ABL kit. 
 - Either a premade kit. You can either buy an EZABL kit or buy a generic kit from eBay/somewhere else. I used this one:
4. 2x M2x8 screws for the mount.

Warning: do this at your own risk. Keep your printer off when you are messing with wiring. You may break or destroy your printer with these steps so pay attention!!! Always be ready to shut off your printer if things go wrong.

1. Print this inductive ABL mount:
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4630626 (I remixed a new version just for the A5S because the original mount was giving me issues)
Use the M2x8MM screws to mount it above the hot end.

2. Unscrew the Z-axis endstop from the printer.  Peel back the heat shrink tubing and cut it as close as you can to the endstop. In this video I figured out how to do it:

3. Take one of the endstop cables and snip off the end with the end with the 2 pin connector.

4. If you have a soldering iron, solder each wire to the z-endstop wires on the printer. If you don’t have a soldering iron, strip the wires and tie them together, then use shrink tubing and or electrical tape to hold it together.

5. Mount the Inductive sensor in the mount and router the cable via the cable management tube. Mount the optocoupler (the box where the sensor connects to) on the side of the printer for now at least until someone designs a mount for this..(hint hint). Power on the sensor and make sure the sensor activates with a piece of metal LOWER than the nozzle height. This is important or your nozzle will crash into the bed.

6. Follow these steps to compile your own Marlin firmware:
Note: I also used Marlin Auto-builder plug-in to build the firmware itself.

7. Use these configurations in your Marlin configs:
8. Flash the printer with the new firmware.

9. Add this to your printer profile above all the other commands:
You can tweak this to make it better but this will get you going.

10. When you start your first print, tune your z offset (tune->z baby stepping/ z-offset) to where the nozzle is laying filament on the bed properly. PLA likes to be squished a little, PETG doesn’t.

11. Save settings to your EEPROM.

I’ll revise this and clean it up but I wanted to share what I did before I forget so others won’t have to spend so much time researching it.

Thank you for your time!

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  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,904Administrator
    Welcome @AngryPeanut !
    Thanks for taking up the time to write up this excellent guide :smiley:
    Thanked by 1AngryPeanut
  • AngryPeanutAngryPeanut Posts: 4Member
    And thank you for this awesome website and awesome guide on Marlin! I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without it!
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  • AngryPeanutAngryPeanut Posts: 4Member
    I remixed the mount for a better fit for the A5S. Link updated. I also added a note about Marlin Auto-builder.
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  • kromanaokromanao Posts: 1Member
    Hello @AndryPeanut, thanks for share this!
    Iam new here, but need desperately help!
    Make from last bugfix my owm firmware for A5S, to use with capacitive sensor.
    Firmware its acepted by board, and work.. but.... every time that boot restore settings to default firmware, like a M502 command!
    And i never can do ABL, after G29 its seems that lose values and dont align nozzle......
    Can you share with me your bin file to test?
    I'm really desperate and I need help!
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