A5S doesn't like to feed filament, even at higher temps

I recently purchased the A5S to replace a 4-year-old FlashForge Creator Pro (for the bigger build plate), and midway through the first print, the filament stopped extruding. At first, I thought it had clogged in the PTFE tubing, as happened often on my FlashForge, but after pushing down the spring on the extrusion stepper motor, I was able to force down more filament, and it came out fine. I tested the extrusion at temps up to 195 with no luck, but I didn't want to push any higher temps without seeking help. So, my question is what should I do from here? Do I raise printing temps, try a new brand of filament (I'm using Microcenter brand[Inland] PLA+ 1.75mm), replace parts of the stepper motor that feeds the filament(when I pinched the wheel down harder, it was able to grab the filament fine)? Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated, especially since I'm not that big into 3d printing.


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,844Administrator
    Welcome @ToastyRavioli !
    I recommend 210C for all brands of PLA on the A5S.
    You can also detach the filament tube, and then run it outside of the wiring harness. Reducing kinks in the tube will reduce friction, making extrusion more reliable.
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    Sorry for the late response, but even after going up to 220C, the filament feeder stepper motor still eventually loses its grip, starts digging into the filament, and then I have to manually move the filament in only for it to again lose grip 10 seconds later. Are there any other possibilities? Should I push the temperature higher than 220?
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,844Administrator
    You should not need to go higher in temp than 210 for PLA. It sounds like there is too much friction in the tube, or at the hotend somewhere. Check there are no sharp turns or kinks in the tube.

    Also, what speed are you printing at?

  • SteveSteve Posts: 3Member
    I had the same problem with a A5S purchased for Xmas. Printed fine with the ESun filament that came with, but underextrusion and failed prints with some Inland PLA+. Running the bowden tube outside the wiring harness and running the filament spool "overhand" vs "underhand" seemed to fix the issue. The bend at the top of the extruder was pretty sharp and the tube had a good kink.
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    I also am experiencing a problem with my printer.  My stepper motor is clicking and does feed the filament through but not enough to produce a good print.  I replaced my nozzle and PTFE with no luck.  I attempted to purchase the stepper motor from Aliexpress but still after almost a month and a half, they still have not shipped me the motor (so frustrating).  Does anyone know if there is a place in the US to buy a stepper motor?
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,844Administrator
    Welcome @NetworkNinja !
    Stepper motors are extremely reliable. I would strongly recommend to try all other avenues before replacing them, as it is unlikely to be the cause. Instead, please consider friction in the system. The motor is provided only a limited amount of power by the motherboard, so if the friction is too high it will not be able to extrude. Increasing the power would not help either, as the extruder gear would simply grind on the filament instead.
    Try to detach the bowden tube (press down on the ring on each connector firmly while pulling out tube) and make sure that there are no kinks or sharp turns in it. Running it more smoothly outside of the black corrugated plastic guide can also help.
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