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Where to route a bed probe sensor cable on the A5?

So, I'm looking to add ABL to my A5 in the near future, however, while planning, I wasn't sure on where to route the cable, because the cables that get out from the base seem to all have a convenient connector on the edge of the base itself.
How did the community approach this?

The only solution that comes to mind right now is to route it from the bottom front of the base, just behind the LCD screen, where there is a gap, but it doesn't seem like a great solution.


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,916Administrator
    From memory, there are sufficient holes and gaps in the frame around the right side for a cable to be routed safely. You may have to be creative, but I do remember not having significant problems with this.
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  • noobmakernoobmaker Posts: 15Member
    Oh yes, you're totally right, I think I can push a few cables on the right side of the base, then in the frame and around with the bowden tube.
    Sorry for the silly question, I still didn't open up my printer because it's in such an inconvenient place... I'll be sure to check better beforehand next time, thanks a lot!
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