Any software other than Cura for Slicing for JGAurora A5S

I would like to know if there's other software outside of the Cura and their version of Cura that does slicing and JGAURA A5S can read and produce?


  • Mike_WMike_W Posts: 9Member
    Hello not sure if its of any help but i've seen people using the following:

    1. JGCreate 2.5.0
    2. Cura
    3. Simplify3D
    I only have experience with the first 2 though.
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,844Administrator
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    I have simplify 3d and don't recommend it personally... Perhaps you could tell us if there are some specific features that you are looking for? If you search in google for gcode slicers there are quite a number of options, almost all should work fine with the A5S.
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  • hombre666hombre666 Posts: 8Member
    Just curious.. Samuel, why wouldn't you recomend Simplify3d?
    I'm not challenging you with this question, just want to know, because I've been using S3d exclusively, so I really don't have experience with other slicers. :) go figure :))
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,844Administrator
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    Basically, poor value. For the exorbitant price, I was expecting the software to evolve and continue a pace of development. Instead, there were many rounds of buggy versions followed by eventual fixes. They also do some sly things, like limit the number of profiles that you are allowed to download with each user account, and this was not disclosed during purchasing. Many of the features are available in other slicers now, and I am satisfied enough with those options. I don't endorse piracy -- good software should be financially rewarded, but I think people should test S3D carefully before paying for it -- and if you do buy it, don't expect significant improvements over time.
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  • hombre666hombre666 Posts: 8Member
    Thanks..something to think about...
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