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A5S Upgrade Boards?

Found out that the thermistor circuit on my board got fried while trying to do some modifications a while back. Now I'm looking to get a replacement board or upgrade board. From what I can tell the SKR 1.4 is probably one of the better options, can anyone confirm that this would work, or do they have some other suggestions?


  • SergeySergey Posts: 4Member
    edited March 15
    У меня сгорел цп родной платы. Решил что самый лучший вариант для меня это Duet 2 WiFi   клон от MKS. И оказалось - класс!

    Translation: My motherboard's CPU burned out. I decided that the best option for me is Duet 2 WiFi clone from MKS. And it turned out - class!

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