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Magic Firmware Marlin 2.0 Error

PrintBigPrintBig Posts: 44Member
I just updated (or attempted to) my firmware to Marlin 2.0. I followed the steps here "https://jgaurorawiki.com/a5/firmware". Everything uploaded fine. M502 command was successful. M500 command said "ERROR: EEPROM". Now my LCD screen is blank and I can't connect with simply 3d.

Someone please help.

Thank you all.

Print Big


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,916Administrator
    edited January 27
    Hi PrintBig, did you flash the JGAurora A5 firmware, or did you flash the JGMaker Magic firmware by DaHai? In short, where did you get your firmware from?

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  • PrintBigPrintBig Posts: 44Member
    I downloaded the Marlin.ino V2.0.x from Marlinfw. Then immediately followed the instructions here https://jgaurorawiki.com/a5/firmware.

    Before I used DaHais firmware successfully. I thought it was pretty much apples to apples just a newer version. I’m beginning to think I was slightly wrong lol

    is there hope of saving the printer?
  • PrintBigPrintBig Posts: 44Member

    1. Went to the jgmaker magic link you gave me above.
    2. redownloaded DaHai’s firmware
    3. clicked the link “to install firmware on the JGMAKER Magic,...”
    4. followed the instructions to a T.

    I must’ve not done all this explicitly last night.

    it was a stupid simple fix... I feel like banging my head against a hard wall that’s how simple it was.

    thanks again Sam. I apologize for taking up your time on something so trivial.

    Very Respectfully,

  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,916Administrator
    @PrintBig Yay! Basically, the marlin firmware you downloaded initially probably was not configured for your printer model. DaHai has done this work, his is ready to go for the JGMaker Magic.

    Happy printing!
  • PrintBigPrintBig Posts: 44Member
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