A5 - one of the axis stops working midprint

I've upgraded my A5 with SKR 1,3 mainboard /w TMC2208 and Marlin Until recently everything was OK, been printing with ASA, Nylon, PETG no problem, even long 24+h prints (hotbed 90-100 C). Then the problem struct - first my X axis stopped midprint, print went on with only Y and Z working. On the second try, the Y axis stopped working midprint. After printer restart everything was OK again.
I thought, Im having thermal problems, so I mounted (another) fan with high airflow directly to the said stepper drivers. On another try, midprint of 9hours, the Y axis stopped again.
I've been using A5 for 2 years now, always working with material that requires high temp on hotbed, on original MKS and for a month(ish) on SKR and never had any issues.
Does anyone have any experience with SKR 1.3, are there any known thermal issues?


  • michalko99michalko99 Posts: 89Member, 🌟 Super Member 🌟
    Hi. How are your accelerations and jerk set? If too high, TMC2208 might shutdown, because it is switching between Stealthchop and Spreadcycle too fast. It will shutdown to completely OFF state, where only power cycle can reenable it again
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