Outer Walls not combining / Stringing (Edit: Please delete Discussion)

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I have a problem with my print, and don't really know, what to do solve it.
I'm trying to print a model with a 45 degree angle to the heatbed, with:
Layer Height = 0.3mm
infill = 15%
Nozzle Temp = 215

The Outer Walls dont combine, and are seperate strings.
So my question is: why is that?

Is it because of the relatively high Layer Height, combined with that steep 45 degree angle and no support?
I took a long break from 3D-printing and don't know, which settings to tweak, 
to get a better result than this.

Here are my Wall settings:

I appreciate any help :)

Edit: I found the Problem.
I'm just very dumb, and thought I had a 0.4 mm Nozzle installed, but it is actually a 0.2 mm.

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