X-Axis Noise and LCD Screen Black

I received a new A5S for Christmas.  I noticed recently that there was a bit of a "jump" while printing.  Pretty much in the same spot of the print.  then this past Saturday I was printing and stepped away for a few minutes and came back to a very skewed part.  Like it had shifted in X.  And there was quite a bit of PLA oozing from the nozzle to heater block connector.  I shut everything down, cleaned everything up and was able to level the bed.  However when I tried to use it the next time, the X-Axis (?) motor started making a very loud noise and the LCD screen went black.  I have contacted mfg. but have not heard back yet.  I believe it is their New Year right now.  Off for a few weeks.  If other people have had this problem, what has been the fix?  I hate to tear into the printer itself until I do hear back from mfg.


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    Welcome @Just_Jo - could you closely inspect the nozzle heater? Would it be possible that the wiring for the nozzle heater or thermistor could have short circuited? :#
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    Thanks for the reply - I will check that tonight.  I have read several comments on other threads about shorts with the thermistor.  I hope that is not what happened.  As much as the wiring harness has to move around, I wouldn't be surprised.  
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    I unplugged the X-Axis motor and the noise is still there.  It sounds more like it is coming from inside the bed.  I have not disassembled anything yet, waiting to see what mfg. says first.  
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