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Stuck heat break?

So, in my quest to solve some kind of extrusion problem, after recalculating esteps and flow, I decided to disassemble the hot end (I was also planning to update it to an all metal one using one of the designs on thingiverse, so it made sense to check out how to disassemble it).
I should also note that I had already changed nozzle earlier, and the issue wasn't solved either.
So, the point is that I can't unscrew the heat break from the block that mounts on the carriage. I can turn it maybe 1/5 of a turn, but that's it.
I suspect it may have some filament that creeped out of the tube and into the threading, and I think that would also explain my extrusion / retraction issues quite well.

So the question is, how do I remove it, supposing I only want to take a look, and then re seat it properly?

Also, the bottom most part of the ptfe tube that is inside it looks a bit damaged, like it got too hot too often (I'll see if I can find a picture of it).
Just for reference, I've been mostly printing PLA, but I tried my hand at a few PETG prints, and just tried extruding some ABS (but never actually used it).

Hope the info is enough, I'd really like to get some nice, consistent extrusion.


  • michalko99michalko99 Posts: 102Member, 🌟 Super Member 🌟
    hi. You must heat whole block by heat gun to soften molten plastic which got stuck in thread. Without heat, you are risking breaking tube which will be harder to remove then
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  • EyeEye Posts: 77Member
    Tip here:   remove everything that shoud not heat up! before, maybe eavn  take it  of the  sytem before heating
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