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Building a Box / Scrap upecyling ;)

Some ages ago; i decided to get a JG aurora A5... 

and as you guys here might recall Thais not  one of the more Tiny printers
 so  I set out  and  Put together a  Cupboard mainly from 20x20 alu extrusion profile rods
little did I know that there are like 6 DIFFERENT types  20x20 extrusion rods,..  and Well THAT was fun

After Somewaht FUN i had 

So There  i cubbelt together the  80X80X150 Cm   Thingy, i  used meshed steel rods  in the  inner cuts of the alu rods   as  level Ground and used  after some experiments Tiles  To  give the  thing some mass..
 also i had some NIce   storage room ;)

I printed  gliding Click in parts  to get some  Gliding rails  for the doors, and sometimes plates to get   The heat to stay in, when used abs...

Sooo Next  was  that while printing , there  Is a sizable amount of  Los, ,
 and i  stored that leftovers, missed prints and such in a box; then  i stard to think about what to do with it,..

 as  reUsing that as   New filament seems a Bit   expensive  i welllll.... started to experiment  - and Found after a while That there is That thing in the kitchen that gets the temperature i needed ;)

so  first i Basically Killed an old baking  Plate; with   about 2 years of   3d printing  Crap

soon i found that a;   Thats  abit THINK, also; hard to remove From the plate  ( first one  was  COMPLETELY TOTALED but was  about to be  trown away anyhow)

So  i switched to aluminium one way food containers

and  limited the Thickness of the plate by  a bit of math,.. 
after some other round of experiments 

 I decided on smaler  "Tieles    of  50 grams each,..

So next step was to get that thick plate  ,.. into smaler pices..

And  Well, just do NOT do 2+ CM Plates,..   That stuff is Hard!

I tried  sawing,  soldering,   Drilling ( tile  bits work partly)... in the end i broke it apart with a  kitchen flambe Burner  i keep around fro the  BURN Baby... Erm the Phyrolytic  cleaning of the  Steel nozzle i use

Now i have some plates of a  more or less uniform size:

PRO tip 1  DO NOT OVER HEAT!... 
PRO tip 2 it does not take verry ling pro charge....   Do it when the main user of that heating cotraption is not near!

 after a series of tests with different glues

i found the best  glue for PLA is PLA...
Via  Selve  printed  HEat gun ammo i found here  https://github.com/DPHAD/PLA-Glue-Stick, and a  glue gun.. ;)

and  Print  Conectors and   rails; so i can  glue together a  "Backwall" from   old PLA  junk.... 
~ a quarter So far ,...
Sadly you see some of the  Glue connections , leftovers ( not yet cleaned up)

the outer corner   Profile is build  it fits in the double rail i already have installed
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