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Scratched Heater Bed from underneath

maestroamparomaestroamparo Posts: 1Member
Ordered the A5S and upon turning it on and trying to level the bed, the extruder went passed the bed.  I followed the directions for resetting the z-axis but as soon as I tried to level the bed, the extruder still was too close to the bed.  I lowered it as much as possible and the nozzle finally cleared enough space for paper to slide through on one corner.  Then I had to adjust all the corners.  However, while leveling the bed, it made a really loud noise as the bed shook.  I couldn't move the bed anymore so I turned everything off and checked around.  Turns out, I moved the bed so close to the frame of the machine, the tops of the screws in the back scratched the heating bed.  Now the machine will not even display a single pixel in the display.  I tried updating the firmware but nothing is showing up on the LCD.  I ordered a new heater bed, is there anything else that could be wrong?
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  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,916Administrator
    Welcome @maestroamparo -- I think you will need to contact JGMaker support for this one. Sounds like something went majorly wrong. There should not have been any way for 24V from the bed to pass through to the frame, but that's the only way I can imagine the LCD or motherboard could have been damaged like this. :#
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