Left z axis lead screw gets stuck

I have been very excited getting my first 3d printer after waiting many years. It arrived today and I was cautiously excited. It all put together fine, but I have been having big problems with the left z axis stepper motor binding up on the lead screw. At first it did not want to go down more than 2-3cm then managed to get it down with the level bed tool, but now it is stuck down and I can hardly turn the lead screw by hand when turned off and that is just trying to keep it level. The other one turns easily. I made sure to look for any grunge on the screws and they looked fine. Any suggestions or links that may help would be appreciated.


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    Firstly, congrats! - I still remember getting my first printer, and its a really exciting moment. :-)

    If the axis is binding, it could be:
    • Not enough lubrication on the rod (see here)
    • Not enough power put out by the motor (check the motor plug is firmly inserted, and check the Vref on the extruder stepper driver)
    • The x-axis needs to be level with the main chassis - if it becomes wonky that will cause the lead screws to bind up too. Measure the height from the x axis rods to the main chassis on the left and right, and manually adust them till everything is nice and parallel.
    • Finally, check that the motor couplers are not stretched, as they will also affect the movement of the z axis.
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    If the brass mounts on the lead screw is screwed into metal parts for the x axis, (mine have four screws, and there’s a rubber grommet between the brass part and the metal part) unscrew them a bit so the brass part isn’t all tight against the metal (the metal parts aren’t straight)
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