Keep your eyes open when filament buying

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Recently I bought three 1kG spools of PLA filament from Ebay via a Chinese seller with a warehouse in Germany.
When the package arrived, it seemed to me fairly light. So I weighed every spool (without box).
That gave me new findings about weight information.
Offered were 1kg spools. The weight of the spools varied between 982Gr and 1129Gr
I still had empty spools and weighed them. One weighed 350 grams.
Thinner spools weigh about 150 grams.
For one  spool, the total weight was ok (about 1200 grams).
Two spools were underweight.
I calculated the total amount of failure and complained to the seller.
The result then a filament shortfall of 3.50 EUR  (4.06 USD).
I photographed the spool weight on the scale and got a refund of the amount claimed.
So make sense to weigh newly purchased filament spools.

In the meantime, I have bought and weighed more spools of filament from a German manufacturer. The spools weight is   between 1200 grams and 1400 grams. That's fine. The manufacturer is fair and does not let the customer pay the price of PLA for the coil's plastic.

He also had a sale: when buying five spools then get another spool for free.So I got 6 Spools for the price of 5.

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  • Milk_And_AmmoMilk_And_Ammo Posts: 8Member
    Awesome info.  Never thought about weighing the spools.  :|
  • davidtriunedavidtriune Posts: 16Member
    hm. im gonna weigh my spools next time once i get them hah
  • lsh60lsh60 Posts: 38🌟 Super Member 🌟
     :* :*  Hola a todos.
    Muy muy interesante tu aportación.
    Gracias por tu trabajo.
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